From: (Johann Opitz)

When Gov. Davis and his fellow socialists jam the knife of taxes deeper into CA taxpayers next year to balance the budget Calif. Libertarians should be ready to capitalize on it --- it would give us lots of publicity and might even bring in a significant amount of revenue to the party.

Pop tune catches mood of betrayal for German voters

Avril Lavigne and Atomic Kitten watch out. When Germany's next pop music charts come out on Saturday, a burly newcomer looks set to elbow aside the current number one and number two hits. Der Steuersong (The Tax Song) is expected to take this week's charts by storm, with 160,000 CDs already distributed and a further 100,000 on order. Sung to the tune of the The Ketchup Song, the Spanish summertime hit, a voice surprisingly akin to that of re-elected Chancellor Gerhard Schrder teases listeners on how he sold them down the river. The lyrics, written and sung by Schrder mimic Elmar Brandt, are strong enough. The video is tougher still, with a smug, cigar-smoking Spitting Image-style puppet bragging about having hoodwinked voters. The song's popularity stems from the fact that it catches the popular mood. Since narrowly retaining power on September 22 Mr Schrder has stunned electors with tax rises and subsidy cuts to plug huge budget shortfalls. Pension and health insurance!

contributions are also going up, while internationally Germany is facing a formal reprimand from the European Commission for breaching the budgetary rules for the single-currency eurozone.


Johann Opitz <> RKBA!

"Throughout recorded history, without exception, it has been the sole accomplishment of organized government to deprive their populations of liberty and of their property." -- John C. Calhoun

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